Ministry of Health & Social Services Policies

Cabinet Decision or Date/Year of Enactment Date of Review Name of Document Purpose/Rationale of Policy(ies)/ Strategies Implementation Action Plan

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure fairness in the NaCCATuM’s decision-making, to protect the reputation and integrity of the Fund and its interests, and to ensure broad public trust and confidence in the NaCCATuM’s decision-making and grant-making activities, the implementing agencies, management and staff at both Principal Recipient as well as Individual Recipient level.

14TH MARCH 2007

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The goal of the national HIV/AIDS policy is to provide a supportive policy environment for the implementation of programmes to address HIV/AIDS that reduce new infections, improve care, treatment and support and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS – this in turn will assist with achieving vision 2030.

April 2008

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The overall goal of this Consolidated National Reproductive and Child Health Policy 2008 is to: Contribute to the Vision 2030 Goal on reproductive health status, which is to promote and protect the health of individual and families through the provision of adequate, acceptable, accessible, affordable and quality reproductive health services, irrespective of geographic location and socio-economic status; and Contribute to the NDP 3 (2009-2013) Goals of making quality healthcare accessible, affordable and equitable; prioritising improved access to healthcare and health facilities in previously underserved regions and targeting more resources towards the poor and urban areas.

MARCH 2005

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure the provision of prompt, effective and safe treatment against malaria, to minimize the development of resistance and to reduce transmission of malaria.

October 2012

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The main purpose of this document is to map the current social welfare system, to identify gaps and to chart possible ways to address the bottlenecks.

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