Request For Proposal for a Consultants Team of 3 -5 or Institution for the Development of National Human Development Report (NHDR)

Procurement Process :                                                            RFP – Request for proposal


Office :                                                                                     Windhoek, Republic of Namibia – NAMIBIA


Deadline :                                                                                14-June-18


Posted on :                                                                              14-May-1


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Reference Number :                                                                 4638



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                                       RFP.002 2018 Ref. No. 46381 Development of NHDR
                                                                 Terms of Reference.NHDR
                                       General Terms and Conditions Professional Services

Overview :The UNDP Namibia Office seeks to engage a Consultant Team or Institution which is expected to consist of 3-5 team members with relevant national experience and expertise. The NHDR(National Human Development Report) Consultant Team should be led by a Lead Author, who will  reports to Technical Team (NPC / UNDP). The Team leader Provides guidance and technical services ensuring high quality, accuracy and consistency of work. The NHDR Lead Author will be required to work in close collaboration with UNDP Namibia and (NPC) National Planning Commission.


Summary of Deliverables

  • Inception Report highlighting the proposed methodological approach and the timelines, to be provided within 2 weeks from the start of the contract
  • Draft NHDR Report to be provided within 2 months from the start of the contract, to be shared with stakeholders for inputs
  • Final Draft Report to be presented to stakeholders through a validation meeting by the Consultant Team by the end of contract
  • Final report that includes comments received during the validation meeting

Proposals may be submitted on or before Thursday, June 14, 2018 and must be in two separate envelopes one for Technical Proposal and one for Financial Proposal (Two sepaerate Envelopes) sealed and marked RFP 002/2018? Ref. No. 46381 Development of NHDR and hand delivered to:-

United Nations Development Programme

UNDP Reception, 1st Floor UN House,

38 Stein Street, Klein Windhoek, Private Bag 13329, Windhoek.

E-mail enquerires: –

Any online submission will only be possible and accepted on the undp job posting site:- Link